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01. Graphic Design

I have over a decade working in graphic design as both a freelancer and in-house designer.

Proficient across Adobe and Microsoft suites, I’ve designed for a range of sectors and industries; including publishing, media and entertainment, tech, media, travel, fashion and property; and from corporate to start-up.

From branding and identity to template design and creative communications I have experience designing across the organisational spectrum.

A little fact. I actually hail from a family of designers. Check out my sister Dalya Dahrouge

02. Copywriting

I studied semiotics. I could issue hyperbole about etymology or meaning and the transcendence of language for hours.

But I won't.

I'll simply say words have the power to inspire, connect, drive.

Never underestimate the power of good copy, it is the building blocks of ideas.

03. Video Production

Having spent my teenage years acting, I pretty much grew up on sets.

My experience in film and TV has been long and varied and I've been on every kind of setup, from blockbuster movies to mobile phone rigs.

I have experience in both setting up shoots as well as operating as a standalone videographer.

From setting up sound to operating lighting, locking locations and multi-camera shooting, I can run video productions as well as manage subjects and story.

04. Video Editing

As well as video production I can edit and produce motion graphics.

Today's video media requires a wide skill set and knowledge of post-production.

From grading sound to acquiring audio, rendering graphics to queuing exports, post-production workflows are large and need tight project management.

With wide industry experience, I am able to plan, manage and produce video projects from start to end.

05. Websites

I predominantly build Wordpress websites, working from wireframe stage, through build, test and delivery.

With a knowledge of optimisation and analytics, I am able to implement web strategy to ensure a site is properly established online and adhering to online publishing standards.

06. Digital

I code basic digital assets.

From e-signatures to digital forms and online media.

Having things appear and function when and where you want them to.

It's an early fascination but one that is growing every day.

07. Events

With many years running events, from festivals to exhibitions and conferences to launches, I have a keen hand for event production.

From conception to coordination, I am experienced in designing, producing and managing events; including negotiating licensing, running bars, managing cashflow, ticketing and foot traffic; handling event marketing, PR and activation; coordinating teams, logistics, tech setup, get-ins and strikes; and even experience running awards, judging and managing VIPs.

Event production and management requires a large skill set but more importantly strong leadership and management to ensure everything flows smoothly, even when problems arise.

08. Strategy

Understanding how to take an idea and make it fit an objective or audience is key to the success of any piece of work.

Strategic thinking helps take an idea from purposeful to effective and is crucial to making creative resonate with people.

From graphic design to pitching to campaign development, I employ a method of strategic thinking to every piece of work, often involving interview, research and testing to create work that really works.

09. Management

I have experience in managing teams, projects, workflows and departments, employing a range of tracking, measures and systems.

Having worked in a range of structures I am adept at both managing, working with management and engaging with stakeholders.

I strive to always create a fair and positive environment in whatever I do.

10. Structuring

As a full-stack creative, I know the stages involved in taking things from concept to execution and as a result can prudently plan and structure projects, workflows and resources.

Most media requires a large number of assets and parts and knowing where to resource these a build efficient structures is key.

From negotiating suppliers, to setting up templates and automations, and connecting resources and asset libraries, I have experience in structuring a system to ensure efficient workflows.

11. Pitches & Presentations

Pitches are stories. So presentation and pitch design is all about storytelling.

When we design pitches and presentations, we need to go through a process of refining the communication, to make it succinct yet meaningful and above all easily digestible. There are many tools at our employ here from visual hierarchy to encoding information through things like icons and infographics. Great pitch design will hit the heart of your story, not just your slide.

Additionally I am also trained in several aspects of performance and media training, able to coach others in presenting and pitching.

12. Comedy

Comedy is both an art and a science.

As an added superpower I have a good knowledge and handling of comedy, having written, produced and worked with award-winning talent.